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All about Jofli

Hi I'm Suzi O'Neill the creator of Jofli Bear.  Let me tell you all about Jofli and how he came to be.

The idea started in 1998 when I was working in Thailand.  I was handed a soft toy that was being passed around the world as part of a school project in the hope that one day it would be returned with a list of all the places it had been to. I took the toy with me to Australia, and passed it on when I reached South Africa, never to see it again. The project captured my imagination, and as I continued on my journey around the world I developed ideas of how I could create a cuddly companion to share the 'Journey of Life' and capture memorable moments for years to come. 

Suzi Charlesworth aged 3 dressed up in an old curtain by her sister Sarah aged 6

I knew from my years of travelling that memories fade, and details of the places you go and the people you meet are lost forever unless you record them with a photo and a page in a diary. As a child my grandfather wrote about our family adventures and took photos of my early years which are more valuable to me now than he will ever know.

Jofli Bear was created to encourage families to record their adventures together. Parents and Grandparents can start the journals for babies and young children, then as they get older and learn to write they can add more pages themselves.  Jofli encourages children to record memories, and share hopes and dreams of their adventures along the 'Journey of Life'.
Dressing up adventures aged 3

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