Jofli is a versatile educational resource, helping children to explore their world with spoken, written and drawn communications, essential to the EYFS and KS1 curriculum. He is used in many early years, primary school and childminder settings, engaging children in their learning and the stories of their own lives, so important to their self-development.

We have lots of ideas for using Jofli in teaching and enrichment activities. From recording school trips and putting a photo in his backpack by printing and sticking them in a written journal, to taking him home and keeping a health and fitness diary, perhaps recording a healthy evening meal. Jofli can even help with children’s school travel plans by plotting him on simple maps of the journey home and helping engage parents in alternative methods of transport for the school run.

If you’re already using Jofli Bear in an educational setting, or thinking of doing so and would like to share or discuss ideas, we would be delighted if you got in touch or shared your adventures on our homepage Instagram feed 

To make a big impact on a little one's learning, Big Jofli is available to make a video call or personal appearance! Please get in touch for a chat.