Jofli, Your Journey of Life Bear

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Meet Jofli bear

Jofli Bear left the forest where he was born to travel bravely into the big, wide world. Now, he's ready to join you on your journey, so that together you can make stories of your own wonderful adventures together.

He's a fun-loving bear looking for a new companion to share his life with. He has his diary inside his backpack for you to create lasting journals of your family memories together, and an online map to record your adventures over the years. Jofli will help your story last forever.

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For your journey of life bears and their spares! Backpacks, outfits and story journals. Everything you need for Jofli as a gift for someone special, or for your own story of life adventure!

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Jofli's latest adventures

Jofli loves adventures! You never know what he's going to get up to next. Here you can see his latest ventures.

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