Jofli Bear has partnerships with many organisations who think like we do, that the 'Journey of Life' should be a memorable one. Work hard, play hard, and enjoy all that family life has to offer.

Healthy living, fresh air and a willingness to have a go are all great attributes for children to develop, and adults who encourage children with love and support make great role models for the younger generations.  Children who grow up in a healthy, happy family are more likely to have a healthy, happy life, it's our job to lead the way.

Jofli's partners have their own T-shirts or Storyjournals and often have special discounts for their members.  If you would like your organisation to become part of the Jofli family please ask for more details.

Jofli Partners
The Camping and Caravanning Club
Swift Owners Club
Center Parcs 
Pacey - Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years
Calvert Trust
Wellies Nurseries
Bear Grylls Survival Race 

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