All about Jofli

As a child, Suzi O’Neill’s grandfather wrote about her everyday adventures, taking photos and telling stories to create memories of her early life, memories that she treasures to this day.

In 1998, Suzi was travelling around the world when she was handed a soft toy by a complete stranger. The toy was part of a school project about recording people’s travel adventures, with photographs and diary pages, to create lasting memories and develop a journal of adventures as it was passed around the globe.  This took Suzi back to her grandfather's diaries and sparked an idea for a life companion.

She had enjoyed many years of travelling adventures, but knew only too well, that unless you record those adventures with a photo and perhaps a page in a diary, the memories can quickly fade. So, she created Jofli Bear! The Journey of Life Bear, a cuddly friend to help children and adults record their life and adventures, creating lasting memories they can add to and look back on, and treasure, for years to come.

Jofli has a diary inside his backpack to record memories by hand and create a scrap book, like the good old fashioned way, however modern technology also allows families to use a mobile phone to upload photos and plot their adventures on a map of the world. 

At any stage of life, Jofli is a loveable toy for children, adults and families alike, to help create lasting memories of your journey over a lifetime. He’s your ‘for life’ bear, together forever, through thick and thin!

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