Travel and holidays

Wherever you’re going, and however you’re getting there, Jofli loves to go with you, he's an adventure bear! He’ll help you remember all your adventures for years to come. You’ll never forget what you did each day, or perhaps how you endured the great British weather! Especially if you’re sailing, camping or caravanning, you’ll make many stops, and see so many places and interesting things, you may want to remember every moment. 

Children can use Jofli’s journal to record what they’ve seen and enjoyed, a bit like a captain’s log! And collect souvenirs in his backpack along the way! Parents and grandparents can help the little ones with their journal, and everyone will enjoy making the travel stories that last forever with their own little travel companion.

If you want to record your memories the modern way you can choose to upgrade to an online journal where you can upload photos from your phone, plot on your map and print pages straight off the website. How exciting!

20cm Jofli Pack
30cm Jofli Pack