Family life

Travel and holidays

Wherever you’re going, and however you’re getting there, Jofli loves to go with you! He’ll help you remember all your adventures for years to come. You’ll never forget what you did each day, or perhaps how you endured the great British weather! Especially if you’re sailing, camping or caravanning, you’ll make many stops, and see so many places and interesting things you may want to remember every moment. 

Children can use Jofli’s journal to record what they’ve seen and enjoyed, like a captain’s log! And collect souvenirs in his backpack along the way. Parents and grandparents can help the little ones with their journal and everyone enjoy making the travel stories that last forever.

New arrivals and special occasions

Jofli bear makes the perfect baby gift and baby book for your family’s new arrival. Jofli’s journal can be used to create a record of all the treasured, special moments and firsts that make baby's early years so magical. Older children can get involved too, or even have their own Jofli bear and journal, personalised with their name, to signal their start of being a big brother or sister.

Jofli bear is a gift that grows with your family. So much more than a soft toy, Jofli will become part of yours and your child’s history. Family gatherings, birthdays and celebrations can all be recorded in Jofli’s journal making a special collection of family memories to pass on to the next generation.

*Please note that Jofli Starter Kits are safety tested for over 3s due to small parts, fibre loss and trapping parts on the ring-binder. Adult supervision is required for younger children and for them not to be left unattended.

Family tree

Ever wanted to make your own family tree? Creating memories and history is the perfect job for Jofli and loves to help children with their writing, knowledge and geography of their life beginnings and their ancestors.

A simple family tree project is a fun way for children to create a lasting record of their family history. Naturally curious, children can record interesting facts, for instance, about where their great grandparents lived, what their childhood was like and what they did for a living. And record ‘special stories’ in Jofli’s logbook. The journal can be personalised with your family name and become a treasured keepsake.

Under the weather

Jofli bear is a comforting companion for children when they are feeling under the weather. He can accompany them to the doctors, dentist or hospital, and help them to record, in his journal, any important information they need to remember about their medicines and treatment.

Jofli began his life by spending a lot of time swinging about in the trees in the forest so he knows how important it is to be fit and healthy. Parents and carers can use Jofli to help in discussions about what food is good for our bodies and how we benefit from daily exercise, to deepen children’s understanding of how to stay fit and well.