Jofli has won an award, and it's a GOLD!

01 Jul 2020

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This was the first award we won back in 2010 and the reviews are a great example of what you've been saying ever since. 

Product Tested By Debbie Harmes – Elizabeth 5 Years 
Debbie Awarded the Jofli Bear 4.5/5 

My Daughter was delighted the minute she saw him. The website is excellent; you can log your experiences onto the website as well as in the journal. The rucksack is sturdy, you can also convert it so that the child can wear the bear and backpack separately. I think the bear is ideal for any age. My daughter is 5 and has enjoyed filling in parts of the journal, I think a child of 8 or 9 would probably be able to do it alone. In my opinion the whole point of this is shared experiences. Jofli has made me spend more time with my daughter doing the important things in life and recording them for the future. 

Product Tested By Alison Page- Joe 6 Years 
Alison Awarded the Jofli Bear 5/5 

The quality of the bear is lovely and he is absolutely adorable! I found that the Jofli Bear made our day trips more interesting because Joe was constantly looking out for things that he wouldn’t normally so that he could show the Bear and take pictures of them. Joe really likes the idea that Jofli Bear is a friend for life and that he is going to be with him whenever he goes out. The Jofli Bear is a fantastic idea for the whole family to create memories that last a lifetime. 

Product Tested By Kerry Bailey – Joshua 5 Years 
Kerry Awarded the Jofli Bear 5/5 

The entertainment value of Jofli is excellent. Josh enjoyed drawing pictures of places he had visited in Jofli’s Journal.  It has definitely helped with my childs development.  Jofli is a good size, and is also easy for a child to carry. It was funny to see Josh explaining to Jofli where he was and was showing him the sights.  We did lots of colouring together and Joshua liked reading stories about places that Jofli has been. Overall, a fantastic creation! Jofli is both loveable and educational.