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Health and Medical

 Childhood illnesses and medical conditions  Special needs, critical illness  teddy chef, chef childrens toy

Childhood illnesses and health problems often means regular visits to the doctor and hospital for many families.  These appointments can often be made a little less daunting, and a little more fun, if they have Jofli to share their experience with.

Children with long term health problems can use Jofli's journal as a medical diary to write down test results, appointments and any important information they may need to look back on. 

For general health and fitness, use Jofli to start discussions on healthy eating and excercise by asking children to show Jofli what he should eat and why.  This provides a deeper level of understanding and encourages families to make better choices.

Child health problems are a part of daily life for some families, but Jofli can help to ease the pain and make the journey a little more bearable.