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Adoption and Fostering

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Jofli Bears are used by families and professionals as a valuable resource for children going through the adoption and fostering process. 

Use Jofli's Fostering Storyjournal to help answer some of the questions that children in care will have about the fostering journey. If you are a foster carer you will find the books in the online shop. If you are an agency who would like to form a partnership please contact us for more information at info@jofli.com .

The 'Journey of Life' can take many twists and turns for families going through the fostering and adoption process, and when children are feeling sad, lonely and upset, Jofli bears can offer comfort, companionship and love.

For fostered and adopted children you can use Jofli to introduce a child to a new family environment by adding photos to the journal of the house, pets and family members.  Looking at photos of Jofli will encourage children to ask questions and share any concerns in a child friendly way that they can relate to. When they move to their new home they will already have a connection with the new environment through Jofli's photos and ease the transition.  Having Jofli to share the experience will also ease anxiety and offer comfort.

Continue to use Jofli's journals with children for life story work by writing, drawing and adding photos about their 'Journey of Life', past, present and future.  This can be done by hand like a scrap book, or online by uploading photos and images to view in a secure online journal which can then be printed if required.